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Lucas Oil – Additives, cleaners and stabilizers

Lucas Oil is an American company that do make automotive oil. Over here, they are better known to specialize in additives or treatments for automotive oil, power steering fluids, transmission fluids and fuel systems. Depending on the type of treatment or additive, they have benefits that help clean, stop leaks or slips, stabilize or revitalize when added to existing fluids. There is no guarantee they will solve or fix the problem, as it does depend how bad it is. It may still cure it or reduce it and is a lot cheaper alternative than rebuilding it.

Lucus Oil Product Range

While they make a catalogue full of products, some of the ones we have are:

Upper Cylinder Lubricant – Cleans and lubricates petrol and diesel engines whether carbureted or injected.

Heavy Duty Engine Oil Stabilizer – Eliminates dry starts, increases oil pressure and reduces oil consumption.

Engine Oil Low Viscosity Stabilizer – Eliminates dry starts, friction reduction and improves economy and power.

Power Steering Stop Leak – Stop seal leaks and reduces noises and squeal.

Transmission Fix – Stops slips, rough shifting and seals most leaks.

Lucas Oil superior solutions to everyday problems

Lucas Oil has been around for many years so if their products were not up to scratch, they would not have stood the test of time. They are still a family run company and believe in integrity and authenticity and highly value customer satisfaction. This is displayed in their products and their commitment to making sure the protection offered by Lucas additives in engine oil and gear oil reduces wear and extends the components life.

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